(1927 - 2013). For half a century Bernard Parmegiani has produced over a hundred major works, more than sixty of which are considered "concert" pieces. Some have defined the progress of electro-acoustic music (Violostries, Jazzex, Capture Ephémère, De Natura Sonorum, Exercismes...), others are quite simply lodged in in the French collective unconscious like the jingle tone at Roissy airport. He has composed innumerable scores for cinema and television, videos, theatre and mime...

The music of Bernard Parmegiani consists of movements, continuums, straight lines, curves, repetitions and distortions...he functions as a genuine sonic designer, an utopian inventor of a music to be watched with the ears and heard with the eyes. He is constantly counterpoising opposites: natural and artificial, acoustic and electro-acoustic, interior and exterior, dense and sparse...The titles of his works explicitly announce this his intention. The interweaving of such notions may lead the listener to the brink of a vertiginous chasm, an aural parallel to Escher's tortuous tessellations. Nonetheless, frequent repetition, impromptu refrains "techno" treatments way ahead of their time, all make his work relatively accessible, easily crossing over into the world of contemporary electronica. Beginning as a sound engineer for French television, Bernard Parmegiani soon joined G.R.M. (Musical Research Group) heartily encouraged by Pierre Schaeffer. His first major work "Violostries" appeared in 1963, a confrontation between sounds extracted exclusively from the violin and a violin soloist. He has explored other fields too: His piece "Jazzex" (1966) is a rare and successful meeting between "musique concrète" and jazz. "Du Pop à l'âne (1968) is an admixture of Pink Floyd bass lines, scattered piano notes, African percussion, church organ...He left GRM in 1992 moving to his own studio « Fabriquasons ». His collaboration with Cézame began in 1995 with «Génériques Potentiels» (CEZ 4009) followed by «Questions de Temps» (CEZ 4021) in 2001. "

Awards received:
Grand Prix du disque 1979
Grand Prix des Compositeurs de la SACEM 1981 - 5ème Victoires de la musique 1989
Prix Magisterium Concours International de Bourges 1991
Chevalier de l'ordre du mérite 1991
Prix « Golden Nica » de Ars Electronica de LINZ 1993
« Coup de Coeur» Académie Charles Cros pour Portrait Polychrome CDMC/INA GRM 2003
Prix du Président de la République de l'Académie Charles Cros pour le coffret CD comportant une grande partie de son oeuvre 2008.


专辑 曲名 版本. 时长 作曲/艺术家 描述 关键词 Key BPM
CEZ4021 Question de Temps
[CEZ4021 - 1]
0 3'13 Parmegiani, Bernard Accident & disturbing. Tense. Staccato.Drones. sequencing, 电子音乐, 当代艺术, 昆虫, 令人不安 [...] Fm 162
MAG6042 The Red Grass
[MAG6042 - 1]
0 1'58 Parmegiani, Bernard Aerial, atmospheric, paranormal & weird. Experimental music. Electro sounds of the 80's. [...] 电子音乐, 神秘, 气氛, 疑问, 科幻片 [...] Bb 68
CEG5020 En Phase Hors Phase
[CEG5020 - 24]
0 2'28 Parmegiani, Bernard Haunting, unnerving & bizarre. Suggested for the "mad scientists". Electro-acoustic sounds. 催眠, 不可归类, 机械的, 固执, 追逐场面 [...] E 151
CEZ4009 Staccanite Aigüe 1
[CEZ4009 - 24]
1 1'19 Parmegiani, Bernard Vibrating & haunting. Electro-acoustic & violin. 电子音乐, 响亮, 拥挤, 固执, 复杂 [...] Em 148
CEZ4009 Staccanite Aigüe 2
[CEZ4009 - 27]
0 1'10 Parmegiani, Bernard Vibrating & hypnotic. Electro-acoustic & violin. 乐器 Em 103
CEZ4021 Le Temps du Passage
[CEZ4021 - 27]
0 1'33 Parmegiani, Bernard Mysterious. Drones and drop of water. 潮湿, (音效)水声, 电子音乐, 当代艺术, sequencing [...] A 110
MAG6042 Cadavre Exquis
[MAG6042 - 2]
0 2'48 Parmegiani, Bernard Mysterious, interrogative & suspended. Electric keyboard & constant pulsation. Experimental [...] 电子音乐, 神秘, 气氛, 复杂, 电子实验室 [...] Db 65
MAG6042 Minstrels from Another World
[MAG6042 - 4]
0 1'25 Parmegiani, Bernard Eerie, supernatural & haunting. Electro sound like an harmonica, pads & pulse @ 0'42. [...] 飞碟, 电子音乐, 拥挤, 阴险, 神秘 [...] Db 149
CEG5022 Le Temps d'en Rire
[CEG5022 - 22]
0 1'06 Parmegiani, Bernard Very unusual, weird & quirky. Sampled women's laughter & percussion. Suggested for funny [...] 不可归类, 恐怖片, (音效)笑声, 神经病, 恐怖喜剧 [...] Cm 120
CEG5022 Le Temps Perdu
[CEG5022 - 10]
0 1'46 Parmegiani, Bernard Surreal, worrying & ghostly. Soprano ethereal voice & reverberated percussion. 恐怖片, 诡异, 神经病, 恐怖, 悬念 [...] Gbm 62
CEZ4021 Le Temps Perdu
[CEZ4021 - 25]
0 1'43 Parmegiani, Bernard Horrror. esoteric. Electro-acoustic. 诡异, 恐怖, 电子音乐, 恐怖片, 魔幻电影 [...] Gbm 98
MAG6042 The Bells of Abeth
[MAG6042 - 7]
0 4'03 Parmegiani, Bernard Deep, funereal, surreal & weird. Treated sound of death bell & analog synth. Experimental [...] 电子音乐, 深邃, 钟声, 金属, 神秘 [...] Dm 96
CEZ4021 Le Temps Installé
[CEZ4021 - 17]
0 2'52 Parmegiani, Bernard Atonal. Experimental. 电子音乐, 当代艺术, 不可归类, sequencing, 神经病 [...] A 70
CEZ4021 Alors, Kess?
[CEZ4021 - 10]
0 1'26 Parmegiani, Bernard Sampled vocal. Cycles & sound intrusion. 电子音乐, (音效)人声, 当代艺术, 怪异, sequencing [...] Ebm 78
CEZ4021 Ce que Nous Dit la Nuit
[CEZ4021 - 4]
0 2'59 Parmegiani, Bernard Weird. Futuristic. 电子音乐, 吵闹, 令人不安, sequencing, 尖锐 [...] Bbm 100
CEZ4021 L'Espace-Temps
[CEZ4021 - 8]
0 4'19 Parmegiani, Bernard Acceleration & cycles. Drones. 电子音乐, 科幻片, 固执, sequencing, 速度加快的 [...] Dbm 116
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