The Unknown - Dreams vs Reality

The young Parisian beatmaker Guillaume Costes is better known under the pseudonym Rusty Hook. With this Magnetic Records release he takes on the moniker “The Unknown” marking a turning point in his musical output. This EP sits on the edge of Future Beat and Trap Music, redefining the codes associated with each genre in an inventive, new way. Catchy hooks, distinct progressions (thereby creating excellent edit points) moving to climaxes bathed in modern, powerful production. Dreams vs Reality is perfectly in the zeitgeist, guaranteed to please fans of chic, sexy electro.

专辑 曲名 版本. 时长 作曲/艺术家 描述 关键词
MAG6036 Daydream Nation
[MAG6036 - 1]
0 3'36 Costes, Guillaume Chill trap. Federative, luminous, & festive. Synth & rhythm. 喜庆, 朗朗上口, 冷阱, 滑行运动, 动人 [...]
MAG6036 You In the Sky
[MAG6036 - 2]
0 3'32 Costes, Guillaume Chill wave. Relax, sensual & panoramic. Synth & rhythm. 放松, 冷波, 宁静, 时尚, 性感 [...]
MAG6036 The Naked Truth
[MAG6036 - 3]
0 2'44 Costes, Guillaume Chill trap. Aquatic, percussive & uplifting. Synth & rhythm. 朗朗上口, 冷阱, 令人激动, 室外, 果断 [...]
MAG6036 Lingering Memories
[MAG6036 - 4]
0 2'09 Costes, Guillaume Chill trap. Nocturnal, catchy & panoramic. Synth, fx filter & rhythm. 夜晚, 朗朗上口, 冷阱, 宽广空间, 电子琴 [...]
MAG6036 Get Real
[MAG6036 - 5]
0 3'01 Costes, Guillaume Chill trap. Percussive, jerky & catchy. Synth & rhythm. 冷阱, 朗朗上口, 室外, 滑行运动, 现代 [...]
MAG6036 Stargazing
[MAG6036 - 6]
0 3'29 Costes, Guillaume Chill trap. Catchy, uplifting & organic. Synth & rhythm. 冷阱, 令人激动, 滑行运动, 朗朗上口, 明朗 [...]
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